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School Report Card

State and federal laws require public schools to release report cards to the public each year.

2021-2022 School Report Card

Enrollment: 488               Grades: PK-5             Teachers: 25




School performance substantially exceeds the criteria to ensure all students meet the Profile of the SC Graduate



Lamar-Spaulding Elementary is helping all students develop the World Class Skills of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by providing an engaging, rigorous education to our students. Lamar-Spaulding was established in August 2020 to serve all students in the rural area of Lamar, SC. The school is comprised of 500 students in 4K-5th grade in a state-of-the-art building. As COVID-19 guidelines changed, we enjoyed welcoming parents and community members to the school.  LSE aims to ensure that the school not only serves the community's children but involves the community in a shared commitment to success.   

As our new school was created, our mission, vision, and beliefs were adopted.  The mission of Lamar-Spaulding Elementary is to create a safe environment where all students have an equal opportunity to learn and lead by growing academically, socially, and emotionally. The vision of LSE is: 

  • Students will be successful lifelong learners and leaders that provide a positive contribution to society;
  • Faculty and staff will provide students a high-quality, child-centered educational environment of high expectations with a commitment to student success; and
  • Families and the greater community will be active stakeholders that trust students are being provided a safe, nurturing environment that develops each child to their fullest potential.

The beliefs of Lamar-Spaulding Elementary School are:

  • All children can learn and reach their full potential.

  • All students will be loved, cared for, respected, nurtured, and appreciated in a positive, safe environment.

  • All students will be provided an equitable environment where students can express themselves in a variety of ways.

  • All children have unique experiences that can be a positive contribution to the learning environment.

  • All students can be learners and leaders given the appropriate tools and strategies.

  • All teachers should model expected behaviors.

  • The education of our students is the shared responsibility of the students, staff, parents, and the community.

Using the mission, vision, and beliefs, the school motto was created. The motto of LSE is "learners today, leaders tomorrow" and we spent time this year developing our students as learners and leaders.  Students were provided morning meetings that developed their leadership skills, as well as their social-emotional learning, which has been an important aspect to address emotional well-being, especially with the pandemic.  Data revealed that students at our school feel accepted, know they have teachers that care about them, and all adults are available to assist if they have a need.  Addressing their SEL needs helps them adapt so they can reach academic success. We will continue to use our mission, vision, beliefs, and motto to focus on meeting the needs of our students as they reach high levels of success and ensure they are prepared with the skills they need to be a productive graduate and post-graduate.

Technology has enabled our students to access educational resources at all times with a personal iPad. This provides additional opportunities for students to access academic supports and computer-assisted instruction at home. The district provides a rigorous curriculum that allowed teachers access to standards-based lessons and assessment items. Along with data-based decisions, this pacing guide was beneficial in ensuring all standards for each grade level were presented for mastery.

Teachers participated in professional learning community meetings to analyze data and match instructional strategies to what students needed.  These meetings also provided a time for teachers to learn from each other in a collaborative and supportive environment.  Common formative assessments helped teachers dive into data and determine the needs of our students.  We will continue the data-rich, student-centered professional learning communities in the coming year.

MAP data showed growth in ELA and math from fall to spring.  We will use this data as we plan for the future success of our students. LSE met the district goals and students have shown growth in all grade levels. Students are involved in goal-setting and have worked hard to meet or exceed goals set forth. As we develop students into productive citizens, this goal-setting will transfer to a lifetime skill. 

The level of commitment to student success is evident in all we do.  LSE faculty and staff are Leading Students to Excellence. 

LSE 21-22 School Report Card