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Dress Code

Dress Code:

·         No exposed undergarments or midriffs.

·         No dragging, bagging, or sagging clothing.

·         No medallions larger than the I.D. badge.

·         No disruptive or distracting body piercings.

·         No wallet chains or other type of chains that maybe dangerous or disruptive.

·         No clothing or jewelry that shows gang affiliation/membership.

·         No clothing that displays anything related to tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or drug paraphernalia.

·         No bandannas or “do rags”.

·         No hats and/or sunglasses worn inside the buildings.

·         No immodest, obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, suggestive, or offensive clothing.

·         No clothing that creates unrest/animosity with different ethnic groups, or displays racist or sexual harassment overtones.

·         No tight shirts, tank tops, low cut shirts, halter – tops, or shirts with spaghetti straps.

·         No “short shorts” or short skirts.

·          No transparent or mesh clothing without appropriate shirt underneath.

·         No accessories or clothes that could pose a safety threat.

·         No picks or combs in hair.


Students should…..

·         Tuck in shirts so belts or waistbands are clearly visible at all times unless it is clear that nothing can be concealed under the shirt.

·         Wear appropriate shoes at all times.

·         Wear covered toe shoes in labs & designated shop areas.